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Empowerment Life Coaching - Speaking -
Workshops - Online Courses
Face-to-face and online formats to help you
achieve your goals
PM Creative Life Coaching and Consulting Services
Empowerment, Financial, and Entrepreneurship coaching work together.

I help you achieve your short and long-term goals.
Accomplish great things both personally and professionally, starting today!

  • Coaching
    • Personal Empowerment
    • Financial Coaching
    • Entrepreneurship - small/home-based business creation

    Hourly rate: $125.00
    3 months: $1,500
    6 months

    Personal Empowerment:

    If you need help with

    • Mindsets - Goal Setting and Attainment - Time Management - Career: choice, development, transition - Resilience (mental and physical)

    Coaching packages are custom-tailored to your needs.

    Financial Coaching

    Personal and Business:

    • Goal determinations - Budgeting - Action plans

    Individual (1x) sessions and custom packages based on your need

    Course: Budgeting for College and Beyond

    The course is designed for teens and their parents to help the students:

    • Choose a career path
    • Choose a college
    • Gain financial Literacy
    • Learn to holistically budget
    • Understand financial aid
    • Search for scholarships and grants, and
    • Create stronger bonds in the family through development of communication skills

    Entrepreneurship - small/home-based business creation

    • Course: New Course coming soon!

    If you are -

    • An individual who is stuck and having a difficult time figuring out what you need to move forward in your life -
    • A parent needing help getting your teen to understand how to organize personal budgeting, financial discipline and responsibility relevant to their life in college and beyond -
    • Choosing a career for the first time, or needing to choose a new one -
    • A beginning or experienced entrepreneur needing to design and build, or revitalize your career -
    • A college or university needing to provide
      • entrepreneurial business creation workshops and seminars for your artistically creative community.
      • A speaker who addresses lifes' challenges and the importance of self empowerment and resilience

  • Workshops

    Customizable Workshops to fit your needs

    Live and Online College and Community Events


    Live and Online entrepreneurial workshops are interactive events, lasting from 1.5 - 6 hours, covering 1, up to 3 days depending on the amount, and depth of information covered.

    Topics may include:

    • Entrepreneurial Mindset
      • Hinderences in decision making
      • Financial Prosperity
      • Reframing thoughts for more balanced alignment within goal setting and time management

    • Home-based Business Creation
      • Vision and Mission Statements
      • Startup Funding
      • Business Designations - The Differences
      • Tax Designations - The Differences
      • Budgeting
      • Health insurance and how availability is affected by which business designation you choose

    And more... Let's work together to bring your students and community a powerful, life changing experience! Your customized event is one click away.

Let's talk

Our music business entrepreneurship courses equip you with skills to maintain a balanced and rewarding career from home.