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Passionate and experienced Empowerment, Financial, and Entrepreneurship coach based in College Station, TX.

Beauty - The Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to end the biases that are the foundation of the starvation mindset in career choice.

Our Mission is to empower as many individuals, families, and businesses as possible to understand how shifting this mindset will positively influence their interpersonal interactions, communications, and policies that currently hinder the growth and development of deeper relationships both personally and professionally, that can build a more mutually supportive, caring, and abundantly prosperous global society.

Balance and Bounty

Information is power. When we have the right information, it can help us make better decisions and create plans that support our desired actions. Gaining the knowledge and insights that are specific to our own needs gives us the empowerment to effect substantial and even exponential changes in our lives.

Wellbeing, action and achievement are essential components of a successful life. By taking proactive steps to look after ourselves, connecting with our values and setting meaningful goals, we can lay the foundations for success. With the right mindset and tools, we can unlock our potential to lead fulfilling lives with lasting impact.

The mind can be a double-edged sword - it can be incredibly powerful and help us achieve our goals, but it can also cover and hide unconscious biases that affect our confidence and decision-making which hinders, or completely derails our progress.

By working together, I can help you identify your hidden biases, and learn how to use them as a lens so you stop making the decisions that sabotage you and start making the decisions that more quickly and efficiently empower you to reach your personal and professional potential.

If you:

  • need guidance choosing your career path

  • have chosen your career and are entering the workforce and need a career development plan

  • have been in the workforce as a business owner or employee for a number of years and need to restructure and/or reassess your goals (do I transition into a new line of work or do I expand, adding to my existing work)

AND you would like more information on how I can help - then reach out by clicking the link below. I will reach back.

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Develop your entrepreneurial spirit and establish a successful business with an empowerment, mindset, and financial, coach.